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Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Caroline Beste, founder of my World-class Mastery Membership Riding Foundation Program and Tao of Horsemanship Academy courses. 

I am a lifelong equestrian of varying disciplines, and a practicing Taoist. Through my experience and education, I have developed an enlightening, and proven, training method for horses and humans that combines the principles and teachings of the great masters of Classical Horsemanship, Taoism and Tai Chi.


My desire to share the success of my learning inspired me to become an international clinician, presenting with my horses at many of the national equine expos from 2009-2015. From there I became a Working Equitation Instructor, a horse-human relationship expert and horse specialist, with a concentration in behavior, psychology, rehabilitation, and foundation.

I continue to teach what I know, inspiring people to learn how to interact and work together with their horse through mindfulness, relationship, and consensual partnership training. 

Through my compassionate, holistic, and proven training system, I have helped thousands of students and horses achieve the most enriching and rewarding relationship and partnership. 

It’s your turn now! Let me help you achieve the relationship and ride of your dreams with your horse today!


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