Meet Your Instructor, Caroline Beste

Caroline Beste and her horses have been teaching students around the world an intuitive and holistic approach to rehabilitating and training horses called Tao of Horsemanship.

Caroline’s path to learning includes study with some of the best in her industry, including a wide variety of disciplines, but none have taught her as much as the horses she has worked with over the years. 

Her knowledge and skill are a result of a lifetime study of horse and human behavior combined with years of listening to, and working with, thousands of students and horses.

Tao of Horsemanship’s methodology is not only personally transformational for both horse and human, it is also a roadmap to helping you achieve the relationship and ride of your dreams with your horse.

Using a holistic, classical, and science-based approach to education and training, Caroline teaches horse owners how to understand, connect and develop their horses – from the inside out, from ground to riding, from start to finish.

Connecting with your horse this way creates fulfillment, enriches the experience, and most of all becomes mutually enjoyable between you and your horse. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Through her company, Tao of Horsemanship, Caroline offers one of the largest and most comprehensive online educational platforms called the Tao of Horsemanship Academy. 

Her online training academy hosts a wide variety of courses produced and personally taught by Caroline. Please click here for more information about her courses.

Please click here to learn more about Caroline’s intuitive approach to personal development and horsemanship.