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The Tao of Horsemanship Academy

The most comprehensive, effective and positively transformative
equine training platform 
If you are looking for a way of Being and working with horses that is progressive, intuitively intelligent, spiritually transformative and relationship-oriented, this academy is for you.

Welcome to the Tao of Horsemanship Academy

Hi, I’m Caroline Volandt-Beste, creator of The Tao of Horsemanship Academy. I am also a personal coach, relationship specialist, classical horsemanship instructor, equine behavior expert and diagnostician, trainer and clinician. I created this academy so I could teach you everything I know about being successful with horses and succeeding as a person.

Like you I am passionate about horses! I am also passionate about teaching you the secrets of my success with horses. The most important secret to success with horses is the relationship – that deep level of connection in mind, body and soul that makes our time with our horse so special and magical. We’ve all felt that magic. When we lose sight of where we are in time and space as our two souls connect and merge together as one. That connection is so special and powerful and something we want to hang onto and never let go of. And yet, it goes, and is often rarely if ever felt again, especially during our work together. 

Wouldn’t you like to have that magic feeling with your horse all-the-time and in every situation? Of course you would! And, I know exactly how to teach you and your horse how to connect so that you can Be together and work together in deep connection and in true partnership - everywhere and anytime. Before I show you how, let me share with you another golden secret to the amazing relationship you see between me and my horses – it’s called being present. See, you can’t connect in mind, body and soul if you and your horse are not present, in the moment and emotionally, mentally and physically engaged and invested. 


I have one more secret to my success with horses, being mindful. Being present and mindful are very similar except mindfulness is more about awareness – self-awareness. This is where I can teach you so much about yourself and how to be what your horse wants and needs. See, partnership is not just about training the horse to do what you want or respond the way you need. Partnership is a 2-way connection and communication between two present, willing beings. It doesn’t just happen either through a series of techniques, games, or exercises. It happens when the other party wants to join you in the technique, game and exercise. Now we are back full circle and to my first secret to success with horses, the relationship. 

Come join us on the Academy so we can help you achieve the relationship and ride of your dreams!


About the Tao of Horsemanship Academy Courses

The level of expert education and innovative training offered on the Tao of Horsemanship Academy is parallel to none. The online training courses are both intuitive-based and practical, offering extensive, expert knowledge via thorough, step-by-step training videos. In addition to the rich content and in-depth videos, students have access to a multitude of relevant supplemental reading materials and a Q&A discussion forum where they can share the experience within a community of like-mind. 

The entire Academy, all 3 courses, supplemental reading materials, Q&A and bonuses, consists of my apprenticeship program and foundation program for horses. It should take the average horse owner 2-4 years to complete correctly. If you are a horse trainer, who has worked with at least 100 horses in your career, the Academy can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year to complete correctly. 

As a teacher and a NLP specialist, I have learned that the best way to teach is to ask my students to read and review everything first and at their own pace before they begin practicing. This is so important to wrapping your brain around the information and beginning the process of creating new mental memory and awareness. This way also gives you time to absorb, process and digest before you begin practicing and creating the muscle memory needed for everything to flow and become second nature.

Again, as you begin, I recommend reading and reviewing each course's materials first and at your own pace. Once you've completed each course's materials, go back and begin implementing the lesson and if you can, make notes as you watch the instructional videos. This process of taking notes not only develops better awareness skills, it helps you slow down and pay attention to the subtle nuances that are so important to mastering ourselves and our horsemanship.

In addition to the 190 instructional videos offered within the following courses, you will be following Caroline’s apprenticeship program for students and foundation training program for horses. Students from all-over-the world can now participate in Caroline’s apprenticeship program from their own home

and for a fraction of the cost! 

The Tao of Horsemanship Academy currently offers three training courses: Discovering the Spirituality of Horsemanship; The Tao Method and the Problem-solving Strategy Videos. Each course focuses on one concrete area of horsemanship – from deepening the connection and relationship to developing the best riding foundation to problem solving strategies for challenging areas and horses. Each course is designed to not only educate and problem solve but inspire and empower you and your horse during your learning together!  

You will learn about...

  • Mindfulness and being present

  • Spirituality of horsemanship and training in relationship

  • Balancing love and leadership

  • Relationship, connection and communication

  • Equine psychology, nature and behavior

  • Classical foundation training principles, techniques and exercises

  • Understanding and reading horses

  • How often to train and for how long

  • What to do if you only have 15 minutes: understanding and implementing the building blocks

  • Liberty training and play

  • Handling and ground manners

  • Fear and confidence

  • Art of lunging for balance, self-carriage and collection

  • Biomechanics

  • Pre-flight to riding: It’s ALL about riding with connection, confidence and safety

  • Training without a bit and riding bit-less and bareback

  • Art of suppling, contact and riding light

  • Riding as One in mind, body & heart

  • Balanced riding techniques

  • Problem-solving strategies and tips

  • And, so much more!

The Academy Courses are designed to provide the best learning opportunities by means of microlearning instructional module videos. What makes microlearning so awesome and powerful is the way it delivers education and instruction to its students in small, very specific bite-size blocks of information. By keeping the video content shorter we are better able to focus on key points and practices that pique interest without overwhelming you, the student, during your learning. This allows students to be in control of managing their learning process which is so key to digesting and absorbing information at your own speed and learning style.  

Another great feature of our online courses is that they are part of a very in-depth and comprehensive learning curriculum.  Instead of having access to hundreds of miscellaneous videos, you are accessing a training curriculum that is designed to support you and your horse’s progression and learning, from start-to-finish. 


Where to Begin

Discovering the Spirituality of Horsemanship

Deepening awareness of relationship between horse and human through mind, body and soul

Horses are masters of sensory awareness, emotional intelligence, consensual partnership and exemplary leadership. These innate qualities allow them to live a life that resonates with intuitive presence, clarity, honesty, authenticity and well-being. We can learn so much from them if we just slow down, center ourselves, listen and learn. 

The Spirituality Course focuses on teaching you the practices and enlightening concepts that develop our intuitive nature when Being and working with horses. It teaches you about the power of intention and tuning in and how to use it with energy and most of all this course is about you – developing you so you can be who your horse needs you to be. 

Specific concepts and practices are taught that assist in developing mindfulness, self-awareness and your intuitive nature when Being and working with horses. These concepts and practices help you achieve oneness within and with your horse – in mind, body and soul.

This course has the ingredients to enhance your horsemanship, regardless of level, experience or discipline.  If you are looking for a way of working with your horse that is relationship oriented, intuitive, and meaningful, this course is for you! 

What Will I Learn in The Spirituality of Horsemanship

and How Does It Work?

The Spirituality of Horsemanship is the foundation of Caroline’s work, offering 23 videos that are educational, instructional and inspirational. The videos are designed to teach you how to work in harmony with your horse. This is where you will do work on yourself mostly, bringing a new-found awareness, mindfulness and attunement to everything you do with your horse. 

The following areas are covered within this course comprising of 23 instructional videos

all together:

  • Understanding the Language of Equus

  • Learning how to tune in to yourself and your horse

  • Inner emotional balance, ease and well-being

  • Centering and grounding of oneself and horse

  • Becoming what your horse wants and needs

  • Presence and embodiment

  • Intuitive knowledge

  • Love and leadership qualities

  • Learning how to work with the power of our thoughts, intention and movement with our horses

  • Understanding the Chakra System and how it works when connecting in mind, body and soul

  • Power and purpose of our Chi Energy when connecting, communicating and working with horses

  • Learning styles and how we learn

  • The power and purpose of Chakras 1 & 4 and “how-to” exercises that assist in connecting you and your horse before and during the work

  • The power and purpose of Chakra 2 & 3 and “how-to” exercises that assist in nurturing and maintaining the connection and communication while working together

  • Developing the building blocks for liberty and bridles riding

  • Problem-solving strategies

  • And, so much more!

How Does The Online Spirituality of Horsemanship Course Work?

This course is ALL about you! It is designed to develop your right brain, your sensory awareness and processing so that it becomes stronger and more in tune with your horse’s language and state-of-Being. This process takes time and a major reason why it is released slowly during the monthly subscriptions.

The monthly subscriptions are set up so only a certain amount of education, information and exercises are released at a time. The release of monthly materials is designed this way so students learn to slow down, process, digest and practice small amounts of information. This is a standard method for monthly video learning and follows the micro-learning model for online learning courses:

Micro-learning is a holistic approach for skill-based learning/education which deals with relatively small learning units. It involves short-term-focused strategies especially designed for skill-based understanding/learning/education.

Both you and your horse will be learning how to develop and nurture this amazing state of Being and mind-body awareness together during this course – this is what I refer to as achieving oneness. Now keeping it while working is the key! That is where the Tao Method Course comes into place. The Tao Method Course is ALL about relationship training – how to keep the relationship while learning together and teaching your horse to use their left brain, their thinking brain, when learning. And last but not least we have the third course, the Problem Solving Strategy Course. This is about identifying issues in our horse's learning and solving them. This course is for anyone with challenges as well as challenging horses.

The Tao Method 

Achieving the Relationship and Ride of Your Dreams


From Ground Training to Riding as One

The Tao Method Course will teach you how to deepen the relationship you share with your horse while developing the best and safest riding foundation. This course builds off the foundation of self-awareness, attunement and connection you developed within you, and with your horse, in Course 1: Spirituality of Horsemanship, and applies it to the actual work and training with your horse. While the Tao Method Course includes the core concepts, training theory and exercises found with the Discovering the Spirituality of Horsemanship Course, it dives in more deeply, expanding on those areas and so much more offering a total of 90 training videos all-together. If you are looking for a way of working with, and training, your horse that is relationship oriented, foundation based and purposeful, The Tao Method is for you!  

The Tao Method’s training approach is founded on the core values and principles of relationship and partnership. The curriculum is designed to teach you and your horse how to learn and work together and in harmony. The method focuses on creating oneness in mind, body and soul through the knowledge and skills you will learn in horse/human psychology, relationship and rapport building, equine behavior, training theory, ground work and riding.

Come join us as we embark together on this journey to build the most amazing relationship and ride of your dreams! 

What Will You Learn in The Tao Method Course and

How Will It Work?

The Tao Method is the largest and most comprehensive of the three courses, offering over 90 instructional videos and 35 worksheets. This course covers the necessary steps and stages to developing your horse from start-to-finish, from ground training to riding as one, delivering a solid partnership that is built on mutual love and respect. The course follow Caroline’s 7 core training areas: Awareness; Understanding Horses; Understanding Ourselves; Feel, Timing & Connection; How to Reconnect a Horse; Ground Training & Riding as One. 

Your learning begins with concepts, principles and theory that is then applied to your work with your horse. The first area we will focus on is learning how to connect with your horse in an intuitive, loving and purposeful way. This process creates the level of connection, trust and communication necessary for the relationship to flourish. Both your new mindset, and relationship, is then taken into the ground work. It is here that you will be taught specific techniques and approaches that will develop your horse’s mind and body – all-the-while nurturing the relationship and connection you share. You will also learn how to use your mind and body to communicate your requests, such as asking your horse to walk on or pick up the trot from a walk with just a thought and applied energy. You will then learn how to ride your horse’s rhythm through my free lunge and balanced lunging exercises. While you are developing your horse’s balance, self-carriage and collection during my lunging methods, you are being prepared to ride fluidly and in harmony with your horse’s movement. Learning how to embody rhythm is part of what makes a great rider and when you and your horse connect this way it makes for a great ride too! At this stage of your learning and development you are ready to work on riding as one and with a partner who is willing, present, thoughtful and happy.

There are 12 Learning Modules within this course. Each module contains 6-10 lesson videos producing a total of 90 videos. The first 6 modules cover each of the 7 core training areas and are accompanied with a practice “Try This” worksheet and BONUS videos, from Caroline’s Riding as One clinic. Learning Modules 7-12 are dedicated to Ground Training and Riding as One, and include comprehensive instructional, step-by-step lessons.


Each module, and each lesson video, is designed as a building block for the next bit of information to follow. This ensures you are following a solid and correct step-by-step curriculum. This is most important to developing a solid and correct riding foundation, so please follow the numerical order of each Learning Module as well as the lesson videos within each.

Introduction of the 7 Core Training Areas and

their SECRET to Success!


 This lesson discusses the many areas within our equine culture that shape the way we perceive, discuss, train and treat our horses. Bringing deeper awareness to how we think, feel and act towards horses is the first layer to my work and my method. This is what I refer to as becoming mindful and where we begin to raise our level of consciousness. This is so important to Being and working with horses intuitively and spiritually and the Language of Equus – the way horses socialize, interact and speak to one another. Awareness is also the first building block to developing connection with our horses – on every level. 

In this lesson I will be teaching you how to connect and communicate with horses easily and clearly!


This lesson discusses the basic understanding of a horse’s mind – the way horses think and feel about a situation such as learning or an environment. It discusses and demonstrates clearly how their thoughts and feelings show up/reflect in their body language…

In this lesson I will be teaching you how to understand and read horses! 

I will also discuss all aspects of the horse: the mind – how they think; the body – how they show up, reflect how they feel about something and the soul – how the feel towards something. This is the knowledge we need in-order-to truly understand them.  It is here, we’ll attempt to see the world thru their lens and learn how to communicate clearly.


This lesson talks about recognizing, and being aware of, how we feel towards a situation. It also discusses how our thoughts and emotions effect our actions and reflect in our bodies. The energy within our emotions, thoughts and actions communicates subtle intentional and energetic frequencies. These frequencies are both shared and understood between species, especially horses and humans.

This lesson invites you to work towards tuning in, becoming self-aware and self-actualized. In this lesson we will be exploring what motivates us and influences our minds, bodies and souls and how our minds and hearts affect our body language. If you’re here it’s because you believe in the transformative power of the horse already and how horses can teach us so much about ourselves. 

This lesson teaches you how to look within, become more self-aware, mindful and conscious of our thoughts, feelings and actions.


This lesson teaches you deeper awareness skills – skill sets that you will need when working (training) with your horse and problem-solving. This module explores all building blocks of connection and helps us see what we are working towards. More specifically we will be focusing on bringing more

awareness to your idea of connection – what it means to you – it’s purpose

and what it looks like - how it shows up in training. 

This lesson teaches you how to develop your feel and timing in your horsemanship.


This lesson teaches you how to bring your horse back into connection with you and the work. It is also about re-establishing both the bond and open lines of communication. 

This lesson is the bridge to my work for true partnership. Until you reach a foundation of mutual trust, respect, desire and partnership you will find yourself here, asking for connection daily. Once you reach this level of true partnership, you will no longer need to reconnect as you will always be connected.


Learning how to reconnect a horse is all about problem-solving. This is where we develop your “know how” - knowing where to be, when to be and why you are needed. 

This lesson teaches you how to easily reconnect anywhere and anytime with your horse.


This lesson teaches you how to take your new mind, body and soul connection (3 levels of joining) into the work with your horse. This level of connection is what I refer to as the relationship you share within and with another Being. My relationship training is only possible when you both are connected this way.

We will explore the previous lesson, lesson #3: Understanding Ourselves, as we begin the ground work with our horses. It is here, in the ground work, that the evolution of you and your horse’s partnership will be tested. Previous lessons have been mostly knowledge based and educational. Now you will be taking that new-found knowledge and partnering it with specific exercises and techniques developed to assist in your training with your horse.

This lesson teaches you how to include relationship in your work with your horse so you are together, learning and working as one in mind, body and soul.


This lesson teaches you how to take the newly found, and ever evolving, relationship and connection into your riding.

My riding exercises are founded on Classical Horsemanship and Classical Dressage concepts, principles and techniques. I follow the classical approach because when done correctly it is the best foundation for                                                               developing your horse mentally and physically. I then merge both worlds with                                                     my personal approach to training, offering you the level of “oneness” in your                                                     foundation work. In the riding videos you will be learning the basics, starting                                                       with my Pre-flight to getting on and riding safely all the way up to the               

                                                 collected canter and fluid canter departs. 

This lesson teaches you how to ride safely and in true partnership anywhere and all the time!

 I now leave you with a few quotes from one of my favorite Classical Dressage masters, Nuno Oliveira. You will be learning many of these principles while studying and practicing my riding video exercises with your horse. Remember, “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” – Arthur Ashe

"Equestrian tact is not only the subtlety of the aids but also the feeling for the choice of the aids that have to be applied, and it is the velvet softness in the coordination."


"Proceed so that the horse finds himself willingly into the exercise, and not by force."


"When a horse gets nervous during a new exercise, one has to calm him down during the exercise. Otherwise he will get nervous every time we ask something more or something new from him."


"In the trot, the hip has to trot, not the hand."


"Maintain heavy buttocks and a supple back, not the opposite."


"The secret in riding is to do few things right. The more one does, the less one succeeds. The less one does, the more one succeeds."


"I don't want riders who work physically hard. Work by thinking."


"Adjusting the reins means establishing a soft contact."

How Does The Tao Method Course Work?

The Tao Method Course is set up like an online university, providing a virtual classroom and a step-by-step teaching curriculum. The virtual classroom offers you the opportunity to not only learn anywhere, it allows you to learn at your own pace. Unlike a physical lesson, learning online and through a virtual classroom can happen anytime.

The curriculum is delivered in a format called microlearning videos - learning in short bursts of information that anyone can access at any time. It is the next big thing in learning and development! Microlearning is specifically designed to deliver learning content in the form of information nuggets, or bite-size pieces of information that is easy for our brains to process and digest. Each video is approximately 10 -15 minutes long and comprehensively addresses one learning objective or specific piece of information. Each video is then organized and presented in a sequential order that becomes a building block for the next instructional video to follow. 

One of the best features of learning via an online virtual classroom is its accessibility. You can watch the training videos and download the worksheets from your phone, laptop or tablet – making learning happen anywhere, anytime. You’re not alone either. You have access to a global online community where you can share your learning experiences with people of like-mind and ask questions and find answers.

The Tao Method Course curriculum includes 12 Learning Modules that contain 6-10 instructional (lesson) videos within each. As mentioned previously, the first 6 Learning Modules focus on the 7 core training areas. Modules 7-10 are dedicated to ground and riding only. Again, each module and each lesson video is a building block for the next to follow, creating the most solid riding foundation. You will begin with Module 1 videos and once you’ve completed all of the videos and in their order you are ready to study Module 2, then Module 3 and so on. Your subscription gives you unlimited access to all of the content including: instructional videos, worksheets, discussions, supplemental reading materials, archived Q&A webinars and BONUS videos. 


You can also cancel at any time.

Where to Go for More Help!


Problem Solving Strategy Videos

Compassionate, clear, results-oriented strategies for solving the most difficult training challenges

The following courses provide you with over 27 videos that are revolutionary in their approach, offering more education, problem-solving strategies and tips. Each course offers you multiple training videos containing training theories, intelligent perspectives into the minds and behaviors of horses and tactics to solving problems. In addition to the amount of information presented within each, you will learn the necessary skill sets and strategies to unlock old, negative behaviors while creating new and positive change within you and your horse. 

What Will I Learn in Problem Solving Strategy Videos
and How Does It Work?

Each course offers you multiple instructional videos containing training theories, intelligent perspectives into the minds and behaviors of horses and tactics to solving problems. In addition to the amount of information presented within each, you will learn the necessary skill sets and strategies to unlock old, negative behaviors while creating new and positive change within you and your horse. 

The following 6 courses are available:

Module 1

Course I: Beginning the Work: Starting with You and Your Horse in the Round Pen and at Liberty 

8 Videos Total

  • Video 1: Developing leadership qualities

  • Video 2: Developing the 3 R's

  • Video 3: Learning the power of grounding

  • Video 4: Selecting the right tools

  • Video 5: Strategies and exercises to help develop you

  • Video 6: Strategies and tips to assist in any situation

  • Video 7: What motivates your horse

  • Video 8: Working with the power of intention

Course II: Working with the Different Natures and Learned Behaviors of Horses 

6 Videos Total

  • Video 1: Creating responsiveness and respect

  • Video 2: Understanding the buddy sour horse

  • Video 3: Understanding the dominant horse

  • Video 4: Working with the dominant horse

  • Video 5: Working with the unconfident horse lunging

  • Video 6: Working with the unconfident horse round pen strategies

Module 2

Course III: Lunging that Develops Mental and Physical Collection, Balance and Self-carriage – Naturally; Developing the Lunge - at the Walk


2 Videos Total

  • Video 1: Beginning the lunge at the walk quality of movement and strategies

  • Video 2: Walk to trot transitions quality of movement and strategies

Module 3

Course IV: Re-starting the Riding Horse


7 Videos Total

  • Video 1: Continuation of exercises and strategies for restarting the riding 

  • Video 2: Developing balance and self carriage at the lunge online

  • Video 3: Developing the free lunge work in the round pen

  • Video 4: Natural self carriage what it looks like

  • Video 5: Recap of round pen lunge and exercises and strategies for restarting the riding

  • Video 6: Strategies to help the horse lunge with emotional and physical balance

  • Video 7: Working with the unconfident horse and laying the foundation for riding

Module 4

Course V: Understanding the Introverted & Extroverted Horses and Working with Learned Behaviors


2 Videos Total

  • Video 1: Introverted horse nature, learned behavior and strategies

  • Video 2: Extroverted horse nature, learned behavior and strategies

Course VI: Assessing the New Horse - Caroline's MAT Test


2 Videos Total

  • Video 1: MAT (mental agility test): Evaluating dominant and unconfident nature, Part I

  • Video 2: MAT (mental agility test): Evaluating dominant and unconfident nature, Part II

Module 5

Module 6

What’s included when I enroll in all 3
Tao of Horsemanship Academy Courses?

Your Academy enrollment gives you the following benefits as a member, with a total value of over $6,500! However, your investment today won’t be anywhere near that price. 

What makes the Academy so special is its clear, compassionate and effective instruction and answers. What makes it worth the investment is its depth, expertise and Caroline’s ability to teach so well and so clearly. Another fabulous benefit is the fact that you can learn at your own pace, learn in different ways, review your materials anytime and as often as you want, receive support from peers and ask Caroline questions!

Here is a list of all the materials you will receive when you enroll.

Over 190 Instructional Videos

  • You receive the following 3 courses: Discovering the Spirituality of Horsemanship Course; Tao Method Course; Problem-solving Strategy Video Courses.


35+ Worksheets

  • You will have access to 35+ worksheets to study and print out as a practice guide. You can also download or view anywhere and on any device.

Online Community

  • The Q&A discussion board offers everyone the opportunity to share their experiences as well as ask Caroline questions.

Unlimited Access

  • You have 24/7 access to the online course, allowing you to learn at your own pace and at a time that’s convenient.

Accessibility on Every Device

  • You can watch the training videos on any device including your laptop, Iphone or tablet. 



  • Q&A webinars are available to participate in or download at your convenience. 


Video Uploads

  • Post your progress in a video to share with the online community! 


In addition to what’s included in your subscription, you receive the following for FREE:

Connection & Communication Clinic footage

(Formerly Relationship Building Clinic)

  • $200 Value, included for free

  • You receive the entire 3-days of Caroline’s Connection & Communication clinic

Riding as One Intro Clinic footage

  • $299 Value, included for free

  • You receive the entire 2-day footage of Caroline's Riding as One Clinic

Topline Evaluation & Saddle Fitting

Coming soon in 2019!

Contact & Suppling Video

Coming soon in 2019!

Supplemental Reading

  • Included for free

  • Over 50 published articles written by Caroline and other leading experts on topics covered within the Academy Courses

Tao of Horsemanship Foundation Training Tutorials

  • $69 Value, included for free

  • 40+ pages of step-by-step instructional and educational tutorials to study and practice

FREE Symposium Participation

  • $500 Value, included for free

  • You will be invited to participate at one of Rider Horsemanship’s Equestrian Center Symposiums 

What our online global community is saying…

Wow! Thank you Caroline for offering this amazing Course. Your compassion, knowledge and way of presenting information was concise, easy-to-follow and empowering! Your way of teaching and the materials presented are not only innovative, they were inspiring and motivating, giving me and my horse a new sense of direction and confidence. You’ve given us a great guide to follow now as we continue to evolve in our relationship and our riding partnership. I recommend this Module to anyone looking to develop a solid and correct foundation with your horse, from ground to riding. – Monique, Switzerland

Thank you Caroline! I finally found the right horse training program for me and my horse! Your teaching approach and video presentations are easy to understand, inspiring and full of great content. Each time I reviewed a video I found so much more to learn. It really taught me how to slow down and practice the steps closely. Because of this my horse and I stayed connected and confident throughout our learning process. Your Module has given us the relationship and ride of our dreams! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! – Pam, MA

Dear Caroline, Thank you for discovering this most extraordinary path to a horse's heart. You not only have an amazing gift, but you chose to share it. And I am so thankful for that and feel very blessed to have had the chance to work with you. You are a phenomenal teacher, and the work I've done with you has not only helped me with horses, it has helped me in life. One of the most valuable things I took away is that horses don't lie. If you are not putting your whole mind, body and heart into what you are doing, and if you are not totally present with them, they let you know. It's hard to still the mind sometimes, and be really present, with horses, in life, etc, but when you finally get there, and when you can have this most extraordinary back and forth conversation with your horse, through your intention, your position, your movement, through your whole mind, body and heart, it's a feeling that can't really be described in words. What I took away is the opportunity to have a new relationship with my horse, which will enrich every day I spend with my horse from here on out. So thank you for opening up for me this whole new world and new realm of being with horses. – Tracey, MD

I learned so much, more than I thought possible! The Tao Method Course was comprehensive and results oriented. It showed me so many new techniques to achieving the level of relationship, partnership and horsemanship I was seeking. I also loved that I had 24/7 access to all-of-the Module videos, discussion board and supplemental materials. I now have a better, more fulfilling relationship with my horse and a new approach to working with my horse at liberty, during ground work and when riding. Thank you again Caroline! – Libby, New Zealand

I would love to have you join me on The Tao of Horsemanship Academy and become your personal coach. Together we can make the relationship and ride of your dreams come true! 

Through study and practice, support from the online community and me as your personal coach, you will succeed in creating the level of relationship and partnership you’ve always dreamed of with your horse. In addition to taking your horsemanship to a whole new level, I will help you find the confidence, well-being and happiness you deserve!

I look forward to seeing you on The Tao of Horsemanship Academy soon!

May you always be One with your horse.

The Tao of Horsemanship Academy Courses


Lifetime Access to ALL 3 Courses in the Tao of Horsemanship Academy 

Full Price: $2,114

One-Time Payment with 15% Discount: $1,797

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