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Discovering the Spirituality of Horsemanship Through
the Art of Liberty Training Course


About This Course

Discovering the Spirituality of Horsemanship Through the Art of Liberty Training Course is the foundation for both the relationship you create with your horse and your riding success.

This course will teach how to accelerate your horsemanship through specific mind, body and soul exercises, taking both the relationship and working partnership with your horse to a whole new level of understanding, rapport and unity.


In addition to learning how to become one with your horse, in mind, movement and relationship, the spirituality aspect of this course works on you and with you, teaching you the many aspects of Being in relationship and working in harmony with another.

The energy component found within this course teaches you how to find inner peace, joy and harmony within and with others. It also helps you connect on a deep and rewarding level with all animals, most specifically your horse’s heart energy (called Heartmath) and intuitive senses.


This level of connection will allow you to communicate subtly, using the power of your heart and mind, joining it with another being, your horse – in everything you do together.

When you’re able to connect and communicate in this way, you create a bond that is so strong your horse will want to be with you, take care of you, protect you. This is the secret “glue” I often talk about in my videos that binds the two of you in heart, mind and movement, allowing you to be as one while developing the foundation to ride as one.


Join Today and Learn How to Become One with Your Horse in Mind, Movement and Relationship

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This newly redesigned course offers more than twice as many instructional videos than the old course!


You Will Learn…

How to develop the relationship and ride of your dreams through liberty

A training method that is so powerful all you need is 10 minutes a day with your horse to feel connected and be successful

Develop the beste and safest riding foundation through deep connection and relationship

How to be and feel safe with your horse in every situation, including riding

A training method that is holistic, compassionate and problem solves using a positive reinforcement approach

To think and move as one through lungeing styles that teach you how to move as one while developing your horse’s self-carriage, balance and connection


A Breakdown of What’s Included

Discovering the Spirituality of Horsemanship Course, Level I


Module 1 Lesson

  • Welcome to the Course!

  • Principles & Theory Introduction

  • Spirituality of Horsemanship Tutorial

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to the Spiritual Approach

  • Chapter 2: Language of Equus

  • Chapter 3: Tuning In

  • Chapter 4: Intro to Caroline’s Method & Approach to Being and Working with Horses

  • Chapter 5: Connection and Conversation, What Does it Look Like?

  • Chapter 6: learning How to Work with Different Horse Natures

  • Chapter 7: Intro into Chakra Energy, Aligning Mind, Body & Soul

  • Review of Week 1 and What to Expect in Week 2

Module Two Lessons

  • Chapters 1 & 2: becoming What Your Horse Needs both in the Relationship and the Work

  • Chapter 3: Continued Strategies

  • Chapter 4: Love and Leadership

  • Preview of Week 3

Module Three Lessons

  • Chapter 1: Power of Intention, Energy and Movement

  • Chapter 2: Presence and Embodiment

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IMG_7781 - lo res.jpg

Module Five Lessons

  • Chapter 5: Power & Purpose of Chi Energy

  • Chapter 6: Experiential Learning, NLP & Kinesiology

  • Chapter 7: Chakras 1 & 4- Purpose & Exercises; Grounding and Join Up: Exercises to Develop the Foundation for Ease and Mind-Body Connection

  • Chapter 8: Chakras 2 & 3- Join-Up Through Movement: Exercises to Maintain Connection & Communication While Working & Training

  • Chapter 9: From Unity in Liberty to Riding Bridle-less: How it Translates

Module Four Lessons

  •  Chapter 1: Purpose

  • Chapter 2: Power of Our Thoughts, Intention & Embodiment

  • Chapter 3: Intuitive Knowledge

  • Chapter 4: The Chakra System & How it Works 


The Art of Liberty Training, Level II

Module 1 Lessons

  • Liberty & Join Up, part I: Staying connected and coming to you

  • Liberty & Join Up, Part II: Beginning the close circle lunge work

  • Liberty & Join Up, Part III: Purpose & practice of the partner walk

  • Lungeing & Liberty, Part I: Close lunge circle con’t – working on the trot

  • Lungeing & Liberty, Part II: Close lunge circle con’t – developing self-carriage and balance at the trot

  • Lungeing & Liberty, Part III: Developing the collected canter departs, Part V-1

  • Lungeing & Liberty, Part IV: Developing the collected canter departs, Part V

  • Lungeing & Liberty, Part V: Free lungeing and transitions

  • Lungeing & Liberty, Part VI: Change of direction

  • Lungeing & Liberty, Part VII: Now we play!

  • Lungeing & Liberty, Part VIII: Review and change of direction steps

  • Lungeing & Liberty, Part IX: Free lungeing progress with Jeaneen and Leeta

  • Lungeing & Liberty, Part X: Review and tweaking of the free lunge; introducing the change of direction with Jeaneen and Leeta

  • Lungeing & Liberty, Part XI: Lungeing lesson with Nadia and Dekho – embodiment and the 3 R’s, Part I

  • Lungeing & Liberty, Part XII: Lungeing lesson with Nadia and Dekho – embodiment and the 3 R’s, Part II

  • Lungeing & Liberty, Part XIII: Lungeing lesson with Nadia and Dekho outside


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In addition to what’s included in your membership, you receive the following BONUSES for FREE!

BONUS Course: Understanding Horses
Video course that will teach you how to read and understand your horse better!

Q&A Webinars

Q&A webinars will be advertised often and for group registration. You will receive an invitation to the webinar 2-weeks in advance. If you cannot make the live webinar, it will be accessible via download.


Spirituality of Horsemanship Study Guides & Tutorial

15 pages of step-by-step tutorial and study guides.


Join Students from Around the Globe

Join students and riders from all over the world who, like you, want to learn how to begin their horses training and foundation using a compassionate, positive and progressive training system.


Just what I’ve been searching for and needing in my life and my horsemanship! This course is so much more than horse training too. It is about me, understanding myself so I can better understand my horse’s response, reaction, to me. The newfound connection I now have from this course and with my horse is beyond words and only imagined in dreams! I feel so confident, safe and am enjoying my horse more than ever thanks to you, Caroline - Monique, Sweden


I am absolutely LOVING this course.  It has taught me so much about myself, my horses and working with them at liberty.  Everything I have seen you do, every lesson you have taught has all been exactly what I need.  I am learning so much! Maggie


LOVE this course! Incredibly great information, wonderfully demonstrated My horses and me thank you😊 Lisa


Hi Caroline, thank you for sharing your method. It is truly a gift to all horse owners.  I look forward to using them on my new mare that I purchased in November. She has such a SWEET disposition and gives 100%, but like most has experienced trauma and has some triggers. I am restarting her using your method.  I tried this exercise you mentioned in this video in her stall. It was a rainy week and I could not lunge or work her.  Soo, we worked on grounding and tuning in. The grounding works like magic. Wow!  Now, each I arrive to the barn my mare nickers with excitement and will leave her hay to be with me. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you. 


About Caroline

Caroline Beste is an internationally recognized Riding as One™ Horse Trainer and instructor, equine behavior specialist and holistic educator. She is best known for her personal coaching style and intuitive approach to teaching people and training horses.

Caroline’s method combines the Art of Horsemanship and Classical Dressage with a Taoist way of Being and interacting, with a primary focus on aligning and synchronizing horse and rider in mind (thought), body (movement) and soul (relationship).


Caroline believes in a holistic approach to horsemanship, providing expert knowledge and instruction for the whole horse and rider.


Her approach is multi-dimensional and includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of both the person and horse’s well-being.


Caroline’s vast experience in a multitude of disciplines enables her to provide expert and individualized attention to both the wellbeing and soundness of the horse as well as the management, handling, nutrition, education and athletic maintenance of horse and rider.


NOW being offered at $648!

This newly redesigned course offers more than twice as many instructional videos as the old course!

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