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Tao of Horsemanship
MasteryMembership™ Program

The largest, most compassionate and progressive online training program for people and horses!


The MasteryMembership   Program

A revolutionary approach to horse care and training - teaching you how to

train horses correctly, from start to finish, while developing the best

and safest riding foundation ever!

MasteryMembership™ is Caroline’s foundation training program and where she begins with every horse and student. It is designed to not only teach you how to train your horse, from start-to-finish, it is designed to teach you how to work with your horse holistically and compassionately.

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Join Students from Around the Globe

Join students and riders from all over the world who, like you, want to learn how to begin their horses training and foundation using a compassionate, positive and progressive training system.

Here's what they have to say about the program...

“Hi Caroline. I hope you are well!  I wanted to give you an update on my two horses. Valour - amazing!  We have been working on lunging methods, the pick me up, and the loose walk riding.  It’s always amazing to me how it works so well.  We now ride in the outdoor arena next to the kooky mares, and he is such a willing content partner.  we practice the "pick me up" all the time, and we are just together in everything.  He won't take a step until I am ready.  We are moving at a slow and steady pace and I now see the value in going slow and steady😊 It really is the most amazing feeling in the world to have this huge horse just waiting and watching you in love and partnership.”

Maggie from Montana

This is the first time in my life with horses that I have understood the value of round penning and lunging my horses.  Before studying Caroline's Tao of Horsemanship MasteryMembership™ Program, round penning was something that my horses and I hated because it just seemed like chasing the horse in endless circles. Fortunately, because I didn't see any value in that, I rarely did any of it.  Now that I have studied Caroline's course, my horses and I LOVE round penning and lunging and use it as a tool to learn to communicate and bond with each other. My horses love the liberty circles, close up and on the fence line because they are about learning to communicate, cooperate, and bond, not about endless circles and power. Thank you, Caroline. My horses thank you too!  I have thoroughly enjoyed, and learned, so much from each and every lesson. And as you have pointed out, I am thankful for lifetime access, because this is just my first time through the coursework, but I am planning to re-watch every single lesson over and over. There is so much to learn from you.

Claudia from New Zealand

“I have learned so much from Caroline's online courses and the MasteryMembership™ Program. Her program has helped me learn how to read and understand my horses so I can apply my new online course knowledge and skills appropriately and effectively. Caroline’s whole horse, whole person approach to training is like no other training out there.  Her training program works for all of my horses, no matter what their education is, breed, age, problems or temperament. Each of my horses has followed her program and her videos work and that because she knows horses! She is a true advocate for the horse and learning from her has transformed my relationship, and my riding, with my horses forever! Thank you Caroline!”

Monique from Switzerland

Wow! Thank you Caroline for theMasteryMembership™ Program! Your compassion, knowledge and way of presenting information is concise, easy-to-follow and empowering! Your way of teaching and the materials presented are not only innovative, they are inspiring and motivating, giving me and my horse a new sense of direction and confidence. We are able to diagnose problems so well now and not only work through them, move on and develop the riding foundation I’ve always dreamed of! You’ve given us a great guide to follow now as we continue to evolve in our relationship and our riding partnership. I recommend this programe to anyone looking to develop a solid and correct foundation with their horse, from ground to riding.

Jennifer from Texas

What Makes the MasteryMembership™ Program

So Revolutionary and Successful?

MasteryMembership™ is like no other training program or training system out there. While most horse training programs only give the basics, or scratch the surface, MasteryMembership™ dives in deep, presenting the most comprehensive and detailed approaches to training and problem solving. In the end, there are no quick fixes, short cuts or tips to horse training. It's just not that simple.

In addition to being the most comprehensive training system for people and horses, MasteryMembership™ uses a holistic approach to training horses and teaching people. No other training program puts the relationship first and foremost, nor does it continue to nurture the relationship all-the-way through and into the riding program.

This is the secret to Caroline's amazing success with horses and people, and what not only makes her training approach so successful, it's what keeps you safe!

MasteryMembership™ is For All
Riders and Trainers

Whether you compete, show, recreationally ride, train
or instruct the
MasteryMembership™ Program
 is designed to work for you!

YES! that's right, the MasteryMembership™ is for everyone who works with horses, including casual riders, competitive riders and everyone in-between! It doesn't matter if you only ride once a month, or if you are a top international competitor. MasteryMembership™ will improve your relationship with your horse which is the secret of my amazingly successful training program.

It doesn’t matter what discipline, breed, temperament, age or goals, this program works for everyone and every horse and that’s because it’s all about the relationship.

Not only is the MasteryMembership™ Program the most successful training program available for people and horses, learning online has huge benefits – it’s both affordable and accessible!

The online training courses offered in the MasteryMembership™ Program are less than the cost of a monthly training program with me! And in addition, the program takes advantage of the latest in technological innovation, giving lifetime access to all 7 courses, over 300 step-by-step videos, 24/7, 365 days a year and on any device – including your cell phone. That’s right, you can watch the videos while practicing with your horse!

No matter what the challenge is, MasteryMembership™ Program will help you solve it while developing the

best, and safest, riding foundation.

In addition to being the largest and most comprehensive online training platform for horses and people, you will be learning a holistic approach to training and one that develops both horse and rider together, as a team and as one - in mind, movement and heart.

JOIN NOW! And learn how to achieve the

relationship and ride of your dreams!

What Makes Caroline’s Training Program the Beste 😊 Choice?

The largest and most comprehensive training curriculum, with over 300 step-by-step instructional videos, including: foundation training, classical dressage, horse care, nutrition, trauma and problem solving.
A holistic approach to training, where all aspects of wellness and well-being, including the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical development, are considered for both horse and person.
Equine psychology and behavior expertise, which is essential to diagnosing and problem solving.
Multi-faceted approach to teaching and training all disciplines, breeds and levels of education, for both horse and rider.
Biomechanics and equine symmetry expertise, which is the foundation to developing smooth, fluid movement and progressive training.
A positive reinforcement training approach to teaching and problem solving.
Professional development courses for you! Yes, that’s right. Our MasteryMembership program includes courses designed just for you, so you can learn to be what your horse needs and wants.
Personal and individualized attention from Caroline. That’s right! Caroline Beste is the only one responding to emails and questions, reviewing  videos, and coaching and training you!

About Caroline

Caroline Beste is an internationally recognized Riding as One™ Horse Trainer and instructor, equine behavior specialist and holistic educator. She is best known for her personal coaching style and intuitive approach to teaching people and training horses.

Caroline’s method combines the Art of Horsemanship and Classical Dressage with a Taoist way of Being and interacting, with a primary focus on aligning and synchronizing horse and rider in mind (thought), body (movement) and soul (relationship).


Caroline believes in a holistic approach to horsemanship, providing expert knowledge and instruction for the whole horse and rider.


Her approach is multi-dimensional and includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of both the person and horse’s well-being.


Caroline’s vast experience in a multitude of disciplines enables her to provide expert and individualized attention to both the wellbeing and soundness of the horse as well as the management, handling, nutrition, education and athletic maintenance of horse and rider.

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