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The videos range and cover areas that include equine emotions and relationship, developing a calm and connected partnership, horse care and wellness, nutrition, mounting pre-requisites, rider confidence, collection and biomechanics, bitless and bareback riding, spooky horses, reading and understanding equine nature, psychology and behavior, collection and equine biomechanics, foundational building blocks, problem solving the most difficult training challenges and so much more! 


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Meet online students and riders from all over the world who, like you, want to learn how to begin their horses' training and foundation using a compassionate, positive and progressive training system.

Sarah N.

There are so many trick trainers who teach their horses to follow them and do brideless riding. But when I see your horses doing stuff like that there’s a special expression in their eye, one of happiness, joy, love and such a want to do stuff for you and be with you and partner up. You don’t see that in the trick trained horses’ eyes and expression. This is special. What you have with your horses is special. Thank you for showing us how it can, and should, be in your videos.

Donette Z.

This video was great for me! I am doing the Tao Horsemanship training, and this was an excellent complement to that, in that It Billy is more representative of my 6-year-old rescue TWH, Magic. He is also frightened of the whip and energy. When I got him in April this year, I could not even give him a smooch on the forehead because the sound was too much for him. Now he loves to snuggle and enjoys his smooches! Thank you, Carolyn!

Susan D.

Dear, dear Caroline, I rode way back in the 70's and 80's natural horsemanship wasn't on the radar. Very long story short; I got back into horses to teach my granddaughter. Suddenly there were all these trainers who used the round pen (which I had never used/heard of). A friend introduced me to a trainer through videos, who had responsive, impressive results with horses. I tried the method and though it worked, I wasn't happy with the over reactiveness I was getting.Recently my horse has become very spooky on the trail. While searching for more instructive videos I came across you! I have already gotten better equipment and tried your technique with my mare. It's a miracle. So now I've just watched this video showing proper round pen technique.I am so excited and happy to hear what you had to say about"running" your horse around. This is going to be the next thing I do! So completely back to basics with gentle firmness. Thank you for putting this out there for OLD riders like myself to learn some methods that can elevate our enjoyment and effectiveness through respect!!! Love it.


Caroline, I am so happy that I found your blog Everything Horses & More and video library last night. Earlier in the afternoon I had done all the wrong things with my horse. I wanted her to stay out on the rail in her gaits, something I had never taught her. She feels more confident when she is on lead line when doing round pen work. After viewing your video, I realized that I had been too aggressive with the whip and been too much in her space. I realized that I had frightened her, and all she wanted to do was escape by running around and changing direction and ignoring me by trying to smell the poop as she raced by. I felt so depressed that I had pushed her to that point.

I hoped that I hadn't damaged her beyond repair. So today, I went to see her, and she ran to meet me at the gate. I took her to the round pen and began with lunging her on the lead rope to help her understand what I was going to do. Next, I brought her to the center pen and unclipped her lead line and asked her to move away in the same gentle but purposeful way that you did in the video. she immediately knew what I was asking her to do. I maintained my place in the center of the round pen and gave her my intentions just as you demonstrated. I am amazed that she responded so quickly to what I was asking of her. She made a few mistakes, but I corrected her in the same gentle way, and she gave me her attention and she really tried in every way that she could to understand and please me. I ended the session the same way that I started it. with her on the lead line, with lots of love and praise. Caroline, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge and love for horses through your videos.

Dena M.

Thank you for the series of riding videos that actually teach the sitting trot bareback, (even with the pad!, lol). All the others were stiffening up, putting their heels down and bouncing straight up and down, not 'forward and back' with the pelvis. I wanted something to use as an example in a post on FB and you are the only rider I could find with a long, relaxed leg at the trot. Brilliant! :)

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About Caroline Beste

Caroline Beste is an internationally recognized behavior specialist and holistic educator. She is best known for her personal coaching style and intuitive approach to teaching people and training horses.  Caroline’s method combines the Art of Horsemanship and Classical Dressage with a Taoist way of Being and interacting, with a primary focus on aligning and synchronizing horse and rider in mind (thought), body (movement) and soul (relationship).

Caroline believes in a holistic approach to horsemanship, providing expert knowledge and instruction for the whole horse and rider. Her approach is multi-dimensional and includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of both the person and horse’s well-being.


Caroline’s vast experience in a multitude of disciplines enables her to provide expert and individualized attention to both the well-being and soundness of the horse as well as the management, handling, nutrition, education and athletic maintenance of horse and rider.


Caroline offers her expertise and compassionate training in person through her Total Immersion Training Programs at her center in Dunnellon FL as well as long-distance and through her Tao of Horsemanship Online Academy Training Courses and personal coaching services.

More Testimonials From Riders Like You

Meet online students and riders from all over the world who, like you, want to learn how to begin their horses training and foundation using a compassionate, positive and progressive training system.

Sleeping Dragon

So pleased to have found your video library, Caroline. Your commentary and style is great and resonates with me. I am working with a young horse right now that has issues as a result of "learned behavior out of defensiveness and avoidance". This little horse and I have come a long way together already, but I was feeling a bit alone in the journey. Having found your online community, I don't feel that anymore! Thank you. Sincerely.

Angela H.

Hi Caroline, watching these episodes made me realize how much my mare Amy is like Sundance. Amy is so independent and is the dominant herd leader. i have only had her for just over two years and she is a very intelligent horse and knows what she wants and who she likes. I have recently developed a much stronger bond by developing a better give and take relationship with her. I feel this has done wonders for the connection that we have. A lot of this is because of your excellent guidance in helping me to understand and connect with her on a different level. I'm sure you'll agree with me when i say that developing a relationship where your horse wants to be with you if so much more important than a horse thinking it has to. Amy now comes to me in the pasture every time she sees me, and our bond gets stronger every day. I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge with us. ~Love Angela

Free Spirit

I enjoy every Video of you and your relaxed horses 👍♞ You said the same words as my riding teacher that's why I like you 👍 I wish you the best and i hope you will teach more people to work like this with horses. I've seen so much cruel riders and it makes me so sad how some people don't understand what they do with their horse. I'm so happy that i found this way to work with a horse. In Austria and Germany there are so many people who don't understand this. Your horsemanship approach and videos changed my life ♥︎


I highly recommend your video library. I have studied them, and Caroline's teaching has helped my horsemanship on the ground and riding bareback (my favorite!!). I have become more aware of my energy and body language and how it affects the horse. Her explanations of horse behavior and body language has made me more in tune with my horse and helped my horse to connect more with me. Thank you, Caroline!!!


You make me cry every darn time I watch you work! lol YOU (your instruction) should be REQUIRED before anyone is permitted to own or work with a horse, there are no words to properly describe your gift of communication with these beautiful creatures...Thank you for all you do

Ashley A.

Hi Caroline! I have just recently purchased two paint horses. One is green broke and the other is halter broke but has never been under a saddle. My wife has been working with horses for 15+ years and trained several. I haven't had the experience she has but have been watching your videos and I love the bond you have with your horses. I hope to achieve that as well. I do not want to negatively reinforce anything. I have watched other videos after watching yours and notice that those horses are just reacting, they're not "working" or "obeying". I'm hoping my Legend and I can have the same relationship you and Smokey do.

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