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Equine Holistic Horse Care and
Wellness Guide Series

A Holistic Perspective and Approach to Your Horse’s Care, Health, Wellness and Well-Being

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Enrollment for the FREE series is for a limited time only, ending Sunday, June 9, 2019.

Let me ask you this…
  • Are you looking for a healthcare system for your horse that not only resonates with you but one that feels right and works best for your horse?

  • Have you been searching for a more holistic approach to your horse’s care, health, nutrition, wellness and well-being?

  • Are you tired of being overwhelmed with too many opinions, products and professional advice?

  • Would you like a simpler way to not only take care of your horse’s needs, but help them live a healthier and happier life?

If you said yes to one of these questions, this series is right for you!

What's in the FREE series?

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Day 1

Saddle Fitting & Topline


Day 2

Equine Emotions & Intelligence


Day 3



Day 4

Ulcers & Colic

Sign up today for my FREE mini-series and get a glimpse of what my Holistic Horse Care and Wellness Guide Series is all about!

Enrollment for the FREE series is for a limited time only, ending Sunday, June 9, 2019.

Want to Learn More?

About the Full Paid Series

The Holistic Horse Care and Wellness Guide Series is a holistic approach to horse care meaning it is multi-dimensional and includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the horse. This includes the horse’s over-all health, wellness and emotional state and well-being.

This series was designed to provide you with expert knowledge, practice and experience from a host of equine experts and practitioners. My goal was to help demystify the opinions of today’s leading experts while creating a comprehensive, in-depth and common-sense approach to horse care. Not only is the series educational, it breaks down horse care, nutrition and over-all well-being practices, products and services so that the entire process of selection is easier, more individualized and personal. 

The full paid series includes 17 areas of horse care giving you a strong and solid baseline of information from which you can make the most educated as well as intuitive decision when it comes to your horse’s care, welfare and well-being.  Topics include: farrier, abscesses, grooming, how to select a vet, nutrition and EMS (equine metabolic syndrome), chiropractic, saddle fitting, correct confirmation, over-all health and body condition, stress, ulcers and treatment, how to introduce new horses, how to socialize horses and why it's so important, rider awareness and safety, equine emotions, environmental influences and so much more!


And There’s More!

BONUSES are included with the Full Paid Series!

When you sign up for the full, paid series, we will include additional supplemental reading materials on many of the topics – from experts all over the world! And that’s not all! We are also including the story and journey of Jupe, a beautiful QH gelding who has suffered chronic abscesses, a bone infection and ulcers. You will learn about his story, how his owner found him, and how he became so sick. And, you will see his recovery over a 3-month period - thanks to a team of experts, intuition and love.

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