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Equine Holistic Horse Care and Wellness Guide Series

A Holistic Perspective and Approach to Your Horse’s Care, Health, Wellness and Well-Being

Don’t miss this offer! Limited time to enroll in full series. Enrollment ends Thursday, June 20, 2019.


What Is a Holistic Approach to Horse Care?

A holistic approach is multi-dimensional and includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the horse. This includes a horse’s over-all health, wellness and emotional well-being.

What’s Included?

The full paid series offers expert knowledge, practice and experience from a host of equine experts and practitioners. In this guide we cover 17 areas of holistic equine care, maintenance and wellness, creating a comprehensive, in-depth and common-sense approach to horse care.

Additional Value & Benefits

In addition to the 17 categories and 20+ hours of video, you will receive the following:

  • Over 30 supplemental reading materials from leading experts all-over-the world

  • Open forum with like-minded community where we share Q&A

And That’s Not All!

I’m including a BONUS! We are including the video story and journey of Jupe. A beautiful Quarter Horse gelding who has suffered chronic abscesses, a bone infection and ulcers. You will learn about his story and how his owner found him and how he became so sick. And, you will see his recovery over a 3-month period - thanks to a team of experts, intuition and love.

What People Are Saying

Thank you Caroline for sharing all that you know and trust! I am new to horses and have been totally overwhelmed by all the advice, opinions and products from leading professionals and fellow horseman. Seems like everyone has an opinion and no one agrees! Not to mention so much of it just doesn’t make sense or feel right. After spending countless hours researching, reading and then finding you, I’ve trusted your guidance and couldn’t be happier with the results of your equine holistic horse care and wellness approach! ~ Amy, FL

Thank you Caroline! I can’t believe the difference the holistic nutrition series has made in my horses! Not only are their coats amazingly shiny and dappled, it’s completely changed their behavior around feeding. They were irritated and aggressive, worked up so much around feeding they made me and my kids feel unsafe. Since they’ve been on the new nutrition program they not only look great they are so calm. Thank you, thank you! ~ Sabrina, FL

“Wow!” I had no idea horses were that sensitive to people, environments and the feelings of other horses. It makes sense now that you’ve brought this to my attention. That’s why my mare is so over reactive at the new barn. She’s just not the same and I couldn’t figure out why. Nothing else had changed, just her environment. Since watching this series I’ve moved her to another barn where she is happier, quieter and more connected. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. You’ve not only gave me hope, you saved me countless of hours and so much money invested in the wrong remedies. ~ Theresa, PA

The Videos

Screenshot (17).png
Abscess and Infection
Choosing a Vet
EMS Laminitis & Founder
Health Care Maintenance & Wellness
Rider Awareness & Safety
Ulcers & Colic
Screenshot (22).png
Screenshot (23).png
Environmental Influence & Impact
Introducing Horses
Screenshot (15).png
Saddle Fitting & Topline Evaluation
Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 9.47.44 PM.png
BONUS: Journey of Jupe's Recovery
Conformation & Body Condition
Emotions & Equine Intelligence
Screenshot (14).png
Transportation & Trailering



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About Caroline

Caroline Volandt-Beste is an internationally recognized behavior specialist and holistic educator. She is best known for her personal coaching style and intuitive approach to teaching people and training horses.  Caroline’s method combines the Art of Horsemanship and Classical Dressage with a Taoist way of Being and interacting, with a primary focus on aligning and synchronizing horse and rider in mind (thought), body (movement) and soul (relationship).

Caroline’s vast experience in a multitude of disciplines enables her to provide expert and individualized attention to both the well-being and soundness of the horse as well as the management, handling, nutrition, education and athletic maintenance of horse and rider.


Caroline offers her expertise and compassionate training in person through her Total Immersion Training Programs at her center in Dunnellon, Fla., as well as long-distance and through her Tao of Horsemanship Online Academy Training Courses and personal coaching services.

Why I Created This Series

Twenty-plus years ago, I used to have my horses shod. At the time I never questioned why my horse should be barefoot. I was told his hooves were too sensitive without shoes and that was that! It wasn’t until I had stepped out of the equine world and then re-emerged more than ten years later that I began questioning everything; and, with that process, I began educating myself by means of hands-on experience.

I understand the overwhelming feeling my clients have when they begin reading and learning about different perspectives and opinions. It can be a daunting and often emotionally exhausting experience educating yourself in the equine world. We equestrians can be very opinionated and it seems every horse owner is an expert about everything.

If you are a new horse owner, or one that is searching for a new or better way for you and your horse, this is what I recommend along your educational journey:

  • Ask questions.  Ask as many “experts” or professionals as you can and look for a common thread. Meaning, it’s one thing if one “expert” claims it to be right or true and another if many are saying the same thing. I am not saying that it’s always wise to follow the masses – I sure haven’t. Listen, learn, and then decide once you have education and experience to back your decision.

  • I encourage you to keep probing, reading, and asking until the answer not only feels best, but it works best for you and your horse.

  • Follow the expert or professional that “walks the walk,” not just “talks the talk.” There are many “talkers” or intellectuals out there and very few “doers.” I want to follow the doer – the one who has learned through experience and has a reputation to back it.


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