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Tao of Horsemanship Academy

FREE Mini Training Courses


Spirituality of Horsemanship

Specific concepts and practices are taught that assist in developing mindfulness, self-awareness and your intuitive nature when Being and working with horses. These concepts and practices help you achieve oneness within and with your horse – in mind, body and soul.

This course has the ingredients to enhance your horsemanship, regardless of level, experience or discipline.  If you are looking for a way of working with your horse that is relationship oriented, intuitive, and meaningful, this course is for you! 


Tao Method

The topics covered within this free mini-training course can be found within my Tao of Horsemanship Online Training Academy, specifically the Tao Method Course.


The Tao Method Course covers the 7 core training areas I teach within both my apprenticeship program and foundation training program for horses. The videos are just a sample of the many building blocks, instructional videos, I developed to teach you how to start and re-start horses as well as develop a solid riding foundation.

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