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Find Success in Understanding and Fixing Your Problem Horse

Providing Inspiration, Resources and Results in the Problem Solving Horse Training Series!

Healing the Traumatized Horse: Rehabilitation of the Mind, Emotions and Body

If you are having trouble with your horse and conventional training methods are not working, this series has the answers you’ve been looking for!

If you have been experiencing any one of the following, this series is for you:

  • Constant explosions and unpredictability

  • Dullness and inability to move without excessive pressure or force

  • Over reactive to new stimuli, places and things

  • Quiet one minute and spooking the next

  • Buddy and barn sourness

  • Ulcers and inability to keep weight or gain weight

  • Cribbing, pacing, general uneasiness and nervousness

  • Inability to think and learn, constantly preoccupied, stressed, anxious

  • Can't connect, afraid to trust and runs away or bolts online

  • Uneasy under saddle, nervous, hyper alert

  • Unsure, unconfident when riding

  • Spooks easy

  • Freezes, won't move, appears lazy and checked out

Compassionate, clear, results-oriented strategies for solving the most difficult training challenges

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The following courses provide you with instructional and observational videos that are revolutionary in their approach, offering more education, problem-solving strategies and tips.


Each course offers you multiple training videos containing training theories, intelligent perspectives into the minds and behaviors of horses and tactics to solving some of the most difficult problems.


In addition to the amount of information presented within each, you will learn the necessary skill sets and strategies to unlock old, negative behaviors while creating new and positive change within you and your horse. 

Some of the horses you will meet:

bandit pic.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 4.59.07 PM.png
Lovey after.JPG
Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 5.28.42 PM.png

Equine Problem Solving Series Courses

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*YT videos*

​Chapters Include:

  • Re-starting the unconfident riding horse

  • How to Re-start a Traumatized Riding Horse

  • How to Re-start a Bolting Riding Horse

  • How to Gain Trust, Build Confidence & Relationship

  • How to Train a Spooky and Unpredictable Horse

  • Hard-to-Catch Horses: Solving Catching Issues

  • How to Re-train the Ex-Racehorse: OTTB, Billy's first day Round Penning

  • How to Train a Spooky Horses with Obstacles

  • How to help the Scared, Distrustful Horse during Round Pen at Liberty

  • How to Liberty Train a Difficult Horse Gently and Compassionately

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Problem Solving Strategy Videos
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​Chapters Include:

  •  Course I: Beginning the Work: Starting with You and Your Horse in the Round Pen and at Liberty

  • Course II: Working with the Different Natures and Learned Behaviors of Horses

  • Course III: Lunging that Develops Mental and Physical Collection, Balance and Self-carriage – Naturally; Developing the Lunge - at the Walk

  • Course IV: Re-Starting the Riding Horse

  • Course V: Understanding the Introverted & Extroverted Horses and Working with Learned Behaviors

  • Course VI: Assessing the New Horse - Caroline's MAT Test

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Connection & Communication Workshop

Caroline spends 3 amazing days working at liberty and one-on-one with horse and owner, helping them connect, communicate and work together. Watch as each horse and owner make the changes necessary for their relationship and partnership to flourish. Some horses are scared and unable to try and participate while others are waiting for their owners to learn how to better understand them and communicate in a language they understand, equus. 

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12-Week OTTB Training Series

Follow us every week on the progress of our 3 OTTBs Lovey, Joey and Billy as we develop everything from liberty and play, to ground work, riding the collected canter to trail riding in a rope halter and bareback.

Learn powerful, results-oriented, safe and useful training techniques, tips and problem-solving strategies in each video! 

Watch how we develop collection and balance through the lunge work that transfers over into the riding.

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