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Where to Begin

The Spirituality Course focuses on teaching you the practices and enlightening concepts that develop our intuitive nature when Being and working with horses. It teaches you about the power of intention and tuning in and how to use it with energy and most of all this course is about you – developing you so you can be who your horse needs you to be. 

Specific concepts and practices are taught that assist in developing mindfulness, self-awareness and your intuitive nature when Being and working with horses. These concepts and practices help you achieve oneness within and with your horse – in mind, body and soul.

Spirituality of Horsemanship Course

A Revolutionary Approach to Horse Care and Training

The MasteryMembership™ Program is the largest and most progressive online holistic training program, offering 7 instructional courses and over 300 instructional videos. In addition to the many videos, you receive study and practice guides, reading materials, 24/7, lifetime access and an open forum where Caroline answers weekly questions from student’s all-over-the world. 

These training courses offer you a curriculum of educational videos, focusing on areas such as horse ownership, problem solving, horse psychology, nature and behavior, health and well-being, nutrition, care and maintenance, personal development and so much more!

MasteryMembership™ Program

Prerequisite for online apprenticeship and certification program

Limited Enrollment!

Watch us as we take 3 "hot" racehorses off the track and turn them into happy, confident, calm, safe and willing riding partners in just 90 days!

Follow us every week on the progress of our 3 OTTBs, everything from liberty and play, to ground work, riding the collected canter to trail riding in a rope halter and bareback.

Tips, technique and problem solving for the new horse owner to experienced trainer.

Powerful, results-oriented, safe and useful training techniques, tips and problem-solving strategies in each video! 

Holistic Horse Re-Training Course

Limited Enrollment!

We are bringing Caroline’s 2-day Riding as One clinic to you!

Caroline breaks down the classical dressage pyramid and combines her foundation training program to give you the most amazingly subtle and result-oriented rider-horse program – and in just 2-days!


Join us as we show you over 50 exercises, techniques and strategies that will change your riding forever! 

Art of Connected Riding 2-Day Clinic Course

Holistic Horse Care and Wellness Guide Series

The full paid series offers expert knowledge, practice and experience from a host of equine experts and practitioners. In this guide we cover 17 areas of holistic equine care, maintenance and wellness, creating a comprehensive, in-depth and common-sense approach to horse care.

In addition to the 17 categories and 20+ hours of video, you will receive the following:

  • Over 30 supplemental reading materials from leading experts all-over-the world

  • Open forum with like-minded community where we share Q&A

  • BONUS video!