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Art of Connected Riding
2-day Clinic Course

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It will open again in 2019 for limited time

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Art of Connected Riding 2-day Clinic Course

Riding with the Whole Horse in Mind, Body, & Soul
We are bringing Caroline’s Art of Connected Riding clinic to you!

Caroline breaks down the classical dressage pyramid and combines her foundation training program to give you the most amazingly subtle and result-oriented rider-horse program – and in just 2-days!


Join us as we show you over 50 exercises, techniques and strategies that will change your riding forever! 

Watch the full, unedited 2-day clinic, not just the finished product

Learn Caroline’s secrets to riding with confidence, safety, bit-less and bareback


Learn Caroline’s key strategies and exercises to increase your knowledge, confidence and skill sets 

Sneak peek of what you will receive in the Art of Connected Riding Clinic Course

What Will I Learn? 

Tips, technique and problem solving for the new horse owner to

experienced trainer.


Powerful, results-oriented, safe and useful training techniques, tips and problem-solving strategies in each video! 


How to ride with an independent, centered and balanced seat.

How to get in rhythm and ride “as one” in movement with your horse.

What contact is and how to teach your horse to carry themselves.


Biomechanics and correct, balanced movement.


Develop better feel and timing with your aids and connection to your horse.


How to develop your horse’s mind and body so movement is smooth and your horse is engaged.


Assessing and problem-solving with your horse.


Strategies to help your horse tune back into your subtle aids and stay focused and connected.

Step-by-step suppling and contact exercises that develop a responsive and light horse.


Biomechanics and what correct movement should feel and look like.


How to develop collection and balance through the lunge work that transfers over into the riding.


And so much more!!!


What's Included in the Course

  • 12 hours of clinic footage and layers of detailed, step-by-step instruction, education, tips and problem-solving strategies!

  • Videos that include topics of discussion ranging from horse psychology and behavior, emotional and mental well-being, foundation training and correct building blocks, rider position and influencing movement, lunging that develops strength, balance and natural self-carriage, biomechanics, development of a horse’s positive mindset, creating a safe and mindful partner, how to develop the mind, the relationship and the body, training bit-less and with a bareback pad, rider confidence, how to be safe, how to develop smooth and fluid gaits, subtle rider aids, feel and timing and so much more!

  • Q&A with Caroline on the open discussion forum. 


In addition to the wealth of information, instruction, demonstration and problem-solving strategies found within each video, you will also receive:

• One, 30 minute coaching call with Caroline
• Riding as One tutorial, 15 pages of study guide

Here’s what some of our  clinic participants have said…

Caroline provides new ways of learning and training that is unparalleled to any other professional out there. You are an amazing instructor and I recommend your clinic to any one that is interested in learning more about horses and riding correctly.

- Nancy, MA

Thank you Caroline for sharing your knowledge of horses and rider’s and especially how to ride as one! You have given me so many insights that not only make sense, your understanding of both horse and rider is spot on! Thank you again for helping me be a better partner, leader and rider for my horse. From the bottom of my heart.

- Tracy, MD

I learned so much, more than I thought possible! Caroline’s Riding as One Clinic was so comprehensive and results oriented. It showed me so many new techniques to achieving the level of relationship, partnership and horsemanship I was seeking. I also loved how observant Caroline was with both horse and rider, breaking down areas for each when they got stuck. Because of her clinic I now have a better, more fulfilling relationship with my horse and a new approach to working with my horse during ground work and when riding. Thank you again Caroline!

– Libby, New Zealand 

As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Well, I found the teacher I was searching for in Caroline. I’ve been a classical dressage student for years and riding a solid level 3 and was stuck. I fell upon Caroline’s free Youtube videos and was hooked! Her common-sense approach and detailed explanation to achieving smooth gaits and riding fluidly was exactly what I was looking for. I soon signed up for her Riding as One clinic and was even more impressed with her level of knowledge, experience and style of teaching. Her knowledge is so well presented and layered with correct building blocks. I never thought I’d learn so much in a 2-day clinic, let alone riding bit-less and bareback! I highly recommend Caroline’s Riding as One clinic to any level rider and discipline.

- Marjorie, MD

ONLY $349 for 1-year!


1-year subscription for 1/2 the price of the 2-day clinic

Deadline for 2018 enrollment is Friday, December 21st

Course Begins January 2, 2019

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Want to Learn More?

The LIFETIME membership to Tao of Horsemanship's Online Academy Training Courses for People and Horses will teach you all about our foundation training curriculum including how to develop horses the way we are showing you in the Riding as One Clinic Course. 


Our Academy isn’t just about training horses, it’s about teaching you our way of achieving the relationship and ride of your dreams with your horse!


Please click here for details, costs and access: 

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