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Tao of Horsemanship Online Academy

The Most Holistic, Comprehensive and Progressive Online Training Program for People and Horses


Spiritually Driven Courses Focused on the Whole Horse & Person


About The Tao Academy

If you’re looking for a better way of understanding your horse while developing them holistically, you are at the beste place to learn how.

If you are ready to start a new or young horse, re-start a traumatized or older horse or improve your horse care and horsemanship and want to use a holistic, positive, and proven method, these courses will show you how – every step of the way.

The academy offers a variety of in-depth, comprehensive online training courses designed to teach horse owners everything there is to know about their horse while developing them to their fullest potential.

One of the many areas that sets Caroline’s teachings and trainings apart is her organic process of teaching, rehabilitating, and training. This is also referred to as “unconscious” learning

The benefits of this style of teaching and learning are huge and impact the way we process information which creates a higher level of learning performance in both horse and human.

Where most professionals use pressure, force and mechanics, to make things happen, Caroline uses strategies to engage the horse, so they feel safe enough to trust, start thinking and want to connect deeply.

The horse is never compromised, rushed, or forced during this process. Caroline’s compassionate way of teaching shows you how to understand what your horse needs, learn to work with them, instead of against, and most of all how to slow down, listen, tune in and connect.

Therefore, it’s organic. The process of learning, problem solving and developing (training) with your horse happens unconsciously, naturally, and with ease.

The academy courses are taught by Caroline Beste, founder of both the Tao of Horsemanship and the Tao Academy, and offer a well-rounded training approach to horse care, handling, training, and problem solving that is spiritually driven, science-based and classically founded

The courses work for all horses and riders. It doesn’t matter where you are in your horsemanship either, the courses are designed to provide you with what you need, delivering an in-depth, expert perspective and approach to developing, training and re-training horses

Each course has been personally created by Caroline and carefully crafted into a detailed, in-depth educational roadmap aimed to help you achieve your goals with your horse and horsemanship. No other equine courses will offer you the level of education, expertise and compassion towards the horse

In addition, the courses give you detailed explanations and demonstration, transforming, and inspiring you along the way of your learning journey with your horse. 

Click here for details about the courses provided.

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