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FREE Online 5-Day Holistic Horse Re-training Course

highlighting the re-education of 3 OTTB’s

Learn valuable techniques, approaches, strategies and secrets to re-training horses emotionally, mentally and physically!

Follow the journey in the re-education of: 
Billy title.jpg
Joey title.jpg
Lovey title.jpg

Watch us as we take 3 “hot” racehorses off the track and turn them into confident, calm, safe and willing riding partners

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Holistic Horse Re-Training Course!

"I recently started watching the online videos and am greatly enjoying this course! As someone who has not had proper education in training horses before, it is fascinating to see and have explained things that I have so far done with a gut-instinct, not knowing whether they're "right" from a professional point of view. It is also great to have the reasoning behind behind the method and all the other elements, like body language etc., explained; it all makes sense and that's the best way to learn. Looking at these horses and hearing what you say about their experiences and resulting mindset teaches me about my own self, too; I find we're all the same really and I'm learning as much as the horse!  Thank you."


What You Will Learn

Each video covers areas such as: free lunging techniques and strategies to re-connect; straightness training; the 3 “R’s” to developing the correct riding foundation; changes in direction; mindset; subtle use of aids; biomechanics; development of true self-carriage and collection; suppling and flexion; lateral movements; purity of gaits; smooth transitions; smooth and collected movements including canter departs; effective approaches for each horse’s individual nature and learning style; horse nature and behavior; safety; schooling patterns and exercises to re-train and so much more!

"Maybe others have told you this, but your interaction with Lovey is very, if oddly,  reassuring.  It's clear Lovey can easily and naturally go right brain, but it's equally clear you have a great connection with her and can get her thinking again.  For those of us with challenging horses, it reassures us everything is normal, and we can make progress with patience and communication.


You are closing so many small gaps I've puzzled over with my OTTB during almost 4 years of working with her.  Looking forward to next week."


Here's What's Included

Week 1

  • Sneak peek of training Week 3 with Lovey, Billy and Joey!

  • FULL preview of what's coming in Week 4!

Week 3.png

Week 2

  • Sneak peek of training Week 4 with Lovey, Billy and Joey!

  • FULL preview of what's coming in Week 5!

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Week 4.png

Week 3

  • Sneak peek of training Week 5 with Lovey, Billy and Joey!

  • FULL preview of what's coming in Week 6!

Week 5.png

Week 4

  • Sneak peek of training Week 6 with Lovey, Billy and Joey!

  • FULL preview of what's coming in Week 7!

WEek 6.png

Week 5- BONUS

  • Watch the ENTIRE video of all 3 OTTB's, over 2.5 hours of footage!

Week 13.png

YES! SIGN ME UP for the FREE mini-training course!

Want More?

Here’s a video commercial about the full 12-Week Holistic Horse Re-Training Course, highlighting the re-education of 3 OTTB’s

"Really enjoyed your thorough descriptions of what we are seeing. I love being able to train my eyes to the subtle details that are happening in each gait and/or movement. Thank you again!"

"Lovey's ridden video was great!  Best illustration I've seen on what correct lateral movements look like."


to learn more about the 12-Week Holistic Horse Re-training Mini Series, highlighting the re-education of 3 OTTB’s

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