12-Week Holistic Horse

Re-training Course

highlighting the re-education of 3 OTTB’s
Follow the journey in the re-education of:
Watch us as we take 3 “hot” racehorses off the track and turn them into confident, calm, safe and willing riding partners.

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$497 and LIFETIME Access!


For 6 Months

  • Watch us as we take 3 "hot" racehorses off the track and turn them into happy, confident, calm, safe and willing riding partners in just 90 days!


  • Watch the full, unedited weekly training sessions, not just the finished product.


  • Follow us every week on the progress of our 3 OTTBs, everything from liberty and play, to groundwork, riding the collected canter to trail riding in a rope halter and bareback.

What Will I Learn? 

  • Tips, technique and problem solving for the new horse owner to experienced trainer.


  • Powerful, results-oriented, safe and useful training techniques, tips and problem-solving strategies in each video! 


  • How to bring the 'play' into the work for a motivated, connected and happy partner.


  • Train your eye to read what your horse is feeling and thinking.

  • To read horse behavior and understand what your horse is thinking.


  • What do you do when you horse does x, y, and z?  Compare to three OTTBs with different natures and have it explained by a professional.  


  • Strategies to help your horse tune back into your subtle aids and stay focused and connected.


  • Step-by-step suppling and contact exercises that develop a responsive and light horse.

  • Biomechanics and what correct movement should feel and look like.


  • How to change negative learned patterns.


  • How to develop collection and balance through the lunge work that transfers over into the riding.


  • How to help your 'hot' horse slow down and think through situations and problem solve, rather than escalate and go off the handle.

What's Included in the Course

Access for 1 year to 13-weeks of training videos, over 50 videos total and over 100 hours of instruction, education, tips and problem-solving strategies!

Videos that include topics of discussion ranging from nutrition to farrier, emotional and mental well-being, stress, equine psychology that covers areas you’ve never heard about before, how to work with the level of trauma or PTSD, what truly motivates your horse to want to be with you and work with you, developing true and natural self-carriage, biomechanics, development of a horse’s natural play drive, creating a safe and mindful partner, how to develop the mind, the relationship and the body, training bit-less and with a bareback pad and so much more!

Q&A with Caroline on the open discussion forum 

Wait, there's more!

We are including BONUSES!

In addition to the wealth of information found within each video, you will also receive:

1 more week of training videos, making 13-weeks in total!

And, that’s not all!

Access to over 30 supplemental reading materials from leading experts and ranging in topics from hoof care to feeding to training.

What People Are Saying

"Maybe others have told you this, but your interaction with Lovey is very, if oddly, reassuring.  It's clear Lovey can easily and naturally go right brain, but it's equally clear you have a great connection with her and can get her thinking again.  For those of us with challenging horses, it reassures us everything is normal, and we can make progress with patience and communication.


You are closing so many small gaps I've puzzled over with my OTTB during almost 4 years of working with her.  Looking forward to next week."


"I love seeing how Billy is coming along with his training. Watching this series has given me so many tools to work with my horse. I am understanding about patience and her tolerance for the work. Thank you so much for amazing gift."


"Thank you Caroline! I've loved watching the first week of videos and am looking forward to the rest. You are a clear communicator and a detailed educator. Thank you for all the time and energy you are putting into educating others! We appreciate you."



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$497 and LIFETIME Access!


For 6 Months

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